CFHTLenS publications

Technical and Survey Papers

Heymans et al. 2012 "CFHTLenS: The Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope Lensing Survey"

Erben et al. 2013 "CFHTLenS: The Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope Lensing Survey - Imaging Data and Catalogue Products"

Miller et al. 2013 "Bayesian Galaxy Shape Measurement for Weak Lensing Surveys -III. Application to CFHTLenS"

Hildebrandt et al. 2012 "CFHTLenS: improving the quality of photometric redshifts with precision photometry"

Heymans & Rowe et al. 2012 "The impact of high spatial frequency atmospheric distortions on weak-lensing measurements"

Cosmology Papers

Kilbinger et al. 2013 "CFHTLenS: Combined Probe Cosmological Model Comparison using 2D Weak Gravitational Lensing"

Simpson et al. 2013 "CFHTLenS: Testing the Laws of Gravity with Tomographic Weak Lensing and Redshift Space Distortions"

Benjamin et al. 2013 "CFHTLenS tomographic weak lensing: Quantifying accurate redshift distributions"

Heymans et al. 2013 "CFHTLenS tomographic weak lensing cosmological parameter constraints: Mitigating the impact of intrinsic galaxy alignments"

Van Waerbeke et al. 2013 "CFHTLenS: Mapping the Large Scale Structures"

Kitching et al. 2014 " 3D Cosmic Shear: Cosmology from CFHTLenS"

Fu et al. 2015 "CFHTLenS: Cosmological constraints from a combination of cosmic shear two-point and three-point correlations"

Cluster and Galaxy-galaxy Lensing Papers

Schrabback et al 2015 "CFHTLenS: weak lensing constraints on the ellipticity of galaxy-scale matter haloes and the galaxy-halo misalignment"

Simon et al 2015 "CFHTLenS: A Gaussian likelihood is sufficient for a cosmological analysis of third-order cosmic shear statistics"

Coupon et al. 2015: "The galaxy-halo connection from a joint lensing, clustering
and abundance analysis in the CFHTLenS/VIPERS field"

Kettula et al 2015: "CFHTLenS: Weak lensing calibrated scaling relations for low mass clusters of galaxies"

Ford et al. 2015: "CFHTLenS: A Weak Lensing Shear Analysis of the 3D-Matched-Filter Galaxy Clusters"

Hudson et al. 2015 "CFHTLenS: Co-evolution of galaxies and their dark matter haloes"

Velander et al. 2014 "CFHTLenS: The Relation Between Galaxy Dark Matter Haloes and Baryons from Weak Gravitational Lensing"

Gillis et al. 2013 "CFHTLenS: The Environmental Dependence of Galaxy Halo Masses from Weak Lensing"

Simon et al. 2013 "CFHTLenS: Higher-order galaxy-mass correlations probed by galaxy-galaxy-galaxy lensing"

An incomplete list of Publications that use the public CFHTLenS data release
These external papers are based on the public CFHTLenS data products available from here.

Ford et al. 2013 "Cluster Magnification & the Mass-Richness Relation in CFHTLenS"

Van Waerbeke et al. 2013 "Detection of warm and diffuse baryons in large scale structure from the cross-correlation of gravitational lensing and the thermal Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect"

Miyatake et al. 2013 "The Weak Lensing Signal and Clustering of SDSS-III CMASS Galaxies I. Probing Matter Content"

Whittaker et al. 2013 "Weak lensing using only galaxy position angles"

Duncan et al. 2013 "On the complementarity of galaxy clustering with cosmic shear and flux magnification"

Bonnett 2013 "Using neural networks to estimate redshift distributions. An application to CFHTLenS"

Shirasaki & Yoshida 2013 "Statistical and Systematic Errors in Measurement of Weak Lensing Minkowski Functionals: Application to Canada-France-Hawaii Lensing Survey"

Covone et al. 2014 " Measurement of the halo bias from stacked shear profiles of galaxy clusters"

Ma et al. 2014 " Probing the diffuse baryon distribution with the lensing-tSZ cross-correlation"

Shirasaki et al. 2014 " Cross-Correlation of Cosmic Shear and Extragalactic Gamma-ray Background: Constraints on the Dark Matter Annihilation Cross-Section"

Carrasco Kind and Brunner 2014 " Sparse Representation of Photometric Redshift PDFs: Preparing for Petascale Astronomy"

Surhud More et al 2014 " The Weak Lensing Signal and the Clustering of BOSS Galaxies: Cosmological Constraints"

Harnois-Deraps et al 2014 "Baryons, Neutrinos, Feedback and Weak Gravitational Lensing"

Oguri 2014 "A cluster finding algorithm based on the multiband identification of red sequence galaxies"

Liu et al 2015 "Cosmology constraints from the weak lensing peak counts and the power spectrum in CFHTLenS data"

Dossett et al 2015 "Constraints and tensions in testing general relativity from Planck and CFHTLenS including intrinsic alignment systematics"

Hojjati et al 2015 "Dissecting the thermal Sunyaev-Zeldovich-gravitational lensing cross-correlation with hydrodynamical simulations"

Omori and Holder 2015 "Cross-Correlation of CFHTLenS Galaxy Number Density and Planck CMB Lensing"

Petri et al 2015 "Emulating the CFHTLenS weak lensing data: Cosmological constraints from moments and Minkowski functionals"

Liu and Hill 2015 "Cross-correlation of Planck CMB lensing and CFHTLenS galaxy weak lensing maps"

Kuntz 2015 "Cross-correlation of CFHTLenS galaxy catalogue and Planck CMB lensing using the halo model prescription"

Du et al 2015 "Mass-Concentration Relation of Clusters of Galaxies from CFHTLenS"

Morrison and Hildebrandt 2015 "Mitigating systematic errors in angular correlation function measurements from wide field surveys"

Kim et al 2015 "A hybrid ensemble learning approach to star-galaxy classification"

Niemi et al 2015 "On weak lensing shape noise"

Miyatake et al 2015 "The Weak Lensing Signal and the Clustering of BOSS Galaxies. I. Measurements"

Köhlinger et al 2016 "A direct measurement of tomographic lensing power spectra from CFHTLenS"

Kitching et al 2016 "Discrepancies between CFHTLenS cosmic shear and Planck: new physics or systematic effects?"

Choi et al 2016 "CFHTLenS and RCSLenS: Testing Photometric Redshift Distributions Using Angular Cross-Correlations with Spectroscopic Galaxy Surveys"

Liu et al 2016 "Constraining Multiplicative Bias in CFHTLenS Weak Lensing Shear Data"

Asgari et al 2016 "Revisiting CFHTLenS cosmic shear: Optimal E/B mode decomposition using COSEBIs and compressed COSEBIs"

Joudaki et al 2016 "CFHTLenS revisited: assessing concordance with Planck including astrophysical systematics"

These external papers are based on the public CFHTLenS Cosmology products available from here.

Dodelson et al. 2013 "Nonlocal Gravity and Structure in the Universe"

Hamman & Hasenkamp 2013 "A new life for sterile neutrinos: resolving inconsistencies using hot dark matter"

Battye & Moss 2013 "Evidence for massive neutrinos from CMB and lensing observations"

Beutler et al. 2014 "The clustering of galaxies in the SDSS-III Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey: Signs of neutrino mass in current cosmological datasets"

Archidiacono et al. 2014 " Light sterile neutrinos after BICEP-2"

Angulo & Hilbert 2014 " Cosmological constraints from the CFHTLenS shear measurements using a new, accurate and flexible way of predicting nonlinear mass clustering"

Costanzi et al 2014 "Neutrino constraints: what large-scale structure and CMB data are telling us?"

MacCrann et al 2014 "Cosmic Discordance: Are Planck CMB and CFHTLenS weak lensing measurements out of tune?"

Chang and Xu 2014 "Confronting dark energy anisotropic stress"

Di Valentino et al 2015 "Beyond six parameters: Extending Λ CDM"

Alsing et al 2015 "Weak lensing with sizes, magnitudes and shapes"

Hunt and Sarkar 2015 "Search for features in the spectrum of primordial perturbations using Planck and other datasets"

Hu et al 2016 "Testing Hu-Sawicki f(R) gravity with the Effective Field Theory approach"